Restorative Yoga & Massage with Chandra Cantor and Asi Texeira
Saturday, December 16th, 1-3pm, $40

Join us for an afternoon of deep relaxation and massage! Chandra will guide the class through a sequence of Restorative Yoga postures- long holds in passive, gentle poses supported by yoga props- while Asi, our massage therapist, offers therapeutic bodywork. Asi will work with a blend of Thai massage, Muscular Therapy, and Passive Body holds during this luxurious 2 hour class. This is a wonderful opportunity to slow down, practice self-care and receive healing touch. Space is limited so register in advance to reserve your spot. All levels welcome! Register online.

About Chandra

Chandra CantorDancing from the time she could walk, Chandra has devoted her life to the study of movement arts. She was introduced to Yoga by her parents and began practicing as a teenager. Her teaching career began in 1996. She has traveled the world, studying various styles, from Astanga to Iyengar and everything in between. Chandra brings an ease and grace to the practice of Vinyasa Yoga, encouraging students of all levels to feel comfortable in their personal practice while gently playing with the edge of possibility and growth. The physical practice is her vehicle for teaching mindfulness, and self-acceptance. Chandra lives in Northampton, MA, where she teaches locally. She also continues to teach in the Boston area and leads retreats and workshops both locally and internationally. You can find out more at

About Asi

Asi graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in 2005 and has never looked back. Asi is an Intuitive Practitioner who fuses all of her teachings/trainings she has gathered over the last 12 years. Being a Mother has given way into her passion for supporting expecting Mothers. She also practices yoga, which supports awareness and connection to herself. She knows that one must practice what one preaches.

New Moon Manifesting: A Yoga and Vision Board Workshop with Shira Brenner
Sunday, December 17th, 2:30-4:30pm, $35

(photo: Chani Nicholas) The new moon is a magically potent time to plant the seeds of what you want to bring into fruition in your life! In this 2 hour workshop we will do just that. It is a time to create and CELEBRATE.

In this workshop we will

– do a manifesting meditation & Chakra based yoga practice to open our energetic channel to the creativity that resides inside.
– do a guided new moon journaling practice
-do a new moon manifesting ceremony
-create a Vision board around what the soul desires
– enjoy snacks potluck style (or feel free to come as you are without the snacks!)

Register online.

About Shira

Shira BrennerAfter struggling with disconnection from her physical body and years of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, Shira knew there had to be a better way and that is when she discovered self-love.

The focus, compassion, and balance that yoga, meditation, and movement brought into her life allowed her to embrace every moment and see the beauty that always is.

It took finding a positive outlet for navigating life’s challenges for Shira to understand how to heal her human wounds, to connect to her creative side, find self-acceptance (flaws and all), and blossom into a self-love advocate. Shira left her job as a travelling ELL teacher in 2012 to pursue her passion to teach mindfulness, love, & movement, and support others on their own unique journey. Still a teacher, leader, and traveler, Shira believes her purpose is to ignite joy through inspired living.

​Her classes are uplifting, unique, infused with healing practices like Reiki, and will leave you feeling balanced, strong, and more at ease through life’s transitions.

Full Moon Yoga: Happy New You! with Shira Brenner
Saturday, December 30th, 7-8:30pm, $25

The full moon is a time of potent transformational energy. When the moon is full and the veil between the conscious and unconscious is thinnest, we have an open doorway into growth and healing. This is the most powerful time of the moon phases to honor ourselves through rituals of letting of that which no longer serves us. If there is someone to forgive, a grudge you’ve been holding, a habit you can’t seem to release, a pattern you would like to heal, this is the time. This will be a healing moon breathwork yoga practice with the intention of letting go, aligning the Chakras for clarity, and making space for what we want to expand in our lives. This ceremony is the stepping stone into a beautiful and fruitful New Year. I look forward to space making with you. Be prepared to let go and be free from what doesn’t serve your highest good. Register online.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Rehabbing Tired Wrists with Kristina Clemons
Sunday, January 28th, 2-3:45pm, $30

At some point or another, most people have some degree of wrist pain from weight bearing poses in yoga. Often, it’s a case of asking too much of the body too soon, or we get so excited about doing all the arm balances and inversions that we skip learning safe and sustainable placement from hand to shoulder. At the root of most injury and pain, there is some degree of imbalance- a loss of neutrality as one muscle works too hard and another not enough leading to compression or strain. In this workshop, we will get back to the basics of optimal placement of the hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder girdle. Much of this work will start at the wall with minimal weight on the hands to establish healthy habits and awareness, then gradually progress to the more familiar weight bearing poses. All levels are welcome. You don’t have to have a wrist problem to take this workshop; it’s also a great way to build body awareness, and get ideas for modifying your practice when the wrists just need a break. Register online.

About Kristina

Kristina ClemonsKristina has always felt a deep connection with moving her body. It provided a form of self expression and exploration whether the modality was climbing trees, classical ballet, or yoga. She stepped into her first yoga class in New York City, and after several months discovered something was brewing below the surface. That curiosity is what kept her coming back for more and why she became a teacher. Kristina began teaching in NYC in 2010 after finishing her first training with Kate Greer. In 2013 she completed a 300hr training with Nikki Costello (Iyengar teacher in NYC), and Kripalu’s Foundations of Ayurveda program. Her most recent training has been the Threes Physiyoga method ( bringing the healing and neutrality of physical therapy into asana practice. In class, it’s entirely possible Kristina may nerd out on anatomy, spontaneously smile just because… or simply share her love of connecting to the moment through the body. For more about Kristina, visit