Yoga for Back Care with Kristina Clemons
Saturday, October 21st, 1-3pm, $30

SkeletonsThis workshop is for those struggling with nagging back pain as a result of poor posture, general overuse, and/or sitting all day. We will explore how to help release, stretch, mobilize, and strengthen the muscles that assist in keeping the body upright with extra focus to the role of the deep abdominals. We will cover: -a simple series of exercises to help manage low and mid back pain on a daily basis -the most common postural issues and how to develop better habits -a slow paced yoga practice to put this new information into action, and begin to establish improved interoception and muscle memory. Register online.

*Please note: This work is not intended for anyone experiencing spinal or disc related injuries, nerve pain, or other acute pain. While yoga is definitely possible for such conditions, it is a separate issue than this material will cover. Please reach out to Kristina with any questions at

About Kristina

KristinaKristina has always felt a deep connection with moving her body. It provided a form of self expression and exploration whether the modality was climbing trees, classical ballet, or yoga. She stepped into her first yoga class in New York City, and after several months discovered something was brewing below the surface. That curiosity is what kept her coming back for more and why she became a teacher. Kristina began teaching in NYC in 2010 after finishing her first training with Kate Greer. In 2013 she completed a 300hr training with Nikki Costello (Iyengar teacher in NYC), and Kripalu’s Foundations of Ayurveda program. Her most recent training has been the Threes Physiyoga method ( bringing the healing and neutrality of physical therapy into asana practice.

Kula Rising: Intermediate/Advanced Asana Practice with Andrea Fotopoulos
Saturday, October 28th, 1-4pm, $25

AndreaA “practice” is different from a class. A practice invites anyone and everyone that has a good vocabulary of the poses, an articulate yoga practice and a desire to practice in a growing community of teachers, students and friends to gather on the mat. Each practice has a theme, it has a sequence and unlike my usual classes, it has a soundtrack. It also has 3 hrs. for some down and dirty practice and time for fun! There is always an opportunity to assist each other to go deeper, while honoring where we are now. Injuries are not discouraged. Modifications are encouraged. Humor and playfulness are desired. Bring your love of the practice! Register online.

About Andrea

Andrea Fotopoulos is a Boston based “Anusara Inspired” yoga teacher. Inspired by the complexities of the teachings of yoga and the wildness of living an embodied life, she often weaves story, theme or wise anecdote to personalize the practice on the mat. Her classes are focused on aligned movement, born from a desire to serve each student: from beginner, seasoned, working with injury or working with limitation. Andrea is dedicated to making yoga accessible for “everybody” by making the difficult doable and the doable difficult. With a mix of no nonsense direction and some good ol’ humor, she cultivates a space for each individual student to do their work, while also creating a strong sense of community to practice within.



Yoga, Justice, and Activism with Jade Sylvan and Sukriti Dabral with Jade Sylvan
Saturday, November 4th, 3-5pm, $20-30 sliding scale

ActivismOur society is in a tumultuous phase, and many of us have turned to yoga practice to find inner balance in the midst of the chaos. Now, how do we use this important inner work as a foundation for doing the important and challenging outer work that will help transform the world? Join Sukriti and Jade for this two hour workshop on yoga, justice, and activism. We will look at techniques, skills, and lessons learned from yoga and apply them to large and small task-based actions we can each do in order to heal and empower one another, and to hold hate accountable. In order to make this workshop accessible, we are offering it on a sliding scale of $20-30. Register online.

About Sukriti

Hi, I’m Sukriti (she/her/hers). I’m a body-positive Indian-American yoga teacher, whose connection to the practice began as a child. Raised Hindu, I learned philosophy and meditation from my family. As an adult in brain-heavy Boston, I found myself stressed, anxious and uncomfortably directionless, until in late 2010 when I wandered into an asana class and learned what a powerful form of medicine it can be. I’ve been practicing, learning and teaching whoever wants to listen, ever since.

In 2013 I studied with Cat Kabira in her 200hr Yoga and Energetics Level I teacher training, learning that a deep sense of empowerment arises from core connection and tuning into one’s energetic states. I also completed Barbara Benagh’s 500hr In-Depth Studies and The Art of Teaching program in 2015, and with the added influence of Sarah Powers’ teachings continue to study the subtle aspects of an unhurried practice.

About Jade

JadeJade Sylvan (they/them) is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher who began teaching in 2012. Jade has studied extensively with Barbara Benagh, Fez Aswat, and Bo Forbes, focusing on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with the latter. In 2017 Jade completed a specialized training in Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga with Jillian Pransky. Jade came to yoga as a means to deal with depression and chronic pain and found a way of life that they are now thrilled to be able to share with others on their own paths. Jade sees yoga as a way to practice self-care and self-love in order to create a sound container so that the yogi may act out of love and compassion more consistently in the world. Jade is currently a Ministry Fellow at Harvard Divinity School, where they are studying to become an ordained pastor.

Partner Yoga with Chandra Cantor
Saturday, November 11th, 2-4:30pm, $30 per person

Chandra & MichaelThis deep yet gentle class will introduce you to some wonderfully effective ways to experience yoga with a partner. Sometimes playful, sometime challenging, and sometimes caring and relaxing, Partner Yoga will deepen and expand your yoga practice. Sign up with a spouse, partner, friend or neighbor… or just by yourself and we will partner you up with someone at the workshop.

Learn to listen, receive, share and play! All levels are welcome. Register online.

*Please note that all participants must sign up and be registered individually. If you are paying for a friend, please email with the name of your partner so that we can verify that they’ve been registered.

About Chandra

Chandra has had a lifelong relationship with movement. She was introduced to yoga by her parents and took classes on and off through her teens. In 1998 she received a BFA in Dance from Emerson and the same year won Dance Magazine’s Outstanding Student Performer of the Year award. Chandra began teaching yoga in 1996 and has completed numerous teacher trainings, workshops and advanced learning courses with world renowned teachers. Her teaching style is strongly influenced by the White Lotus Flow Series, Eric Shiffmann, Astanga Yoga and a mindful melding of many other styles and teachers. You can learn more about Chandra at