First Friday Queer Yoga with Jade Sylvan
May 5th, 7:30-9pm, $16; $14 student rate

*this class is drop-in only. class cards and unlimited passes do not apply
All genders, all bodies, all skill levels are welcome to join this relaxing and invigorating Friday night series, hosted by queer artist, writer, and yoga teacher Jade Sylvan. Connect to your center, experience your body, and enjoy being you at this body-, mind-, and heart-positive practice. It’s the perfect way to begin your weekend and your month! Register Online

About Jade

jade headshotJade Sylvan is a 200 Hour Kripalu certified yoga teacher with over five years teaching experience. Jade has studied extensively with Barbara Benagh and Bo Forbes, focusing on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with the latter. Jade came to yoga as a means to deal with depression and chronic pain and found a way of life that they are now thrilled to be able to share with others on their own paths. Jade sees yoga as a way to practice self-care and self-love in order to create a sound container so that the yogi may act out of love and compassion more consistently in the world.

Living with Purpose: Monthly Meditation & Dharma Talk with Fez Aswat, May 19th, $16; $14 student rate

*this class is drop-in only. class cards and unlimited passes do not apply
SamaraYoga(57of64)In this monthly class, Fez will offer practical instruction in the practice of Insight Meditation. Through seated meditation and discussion, the class will explore how mindfulness practice can serve as the foundation for healthy reflection, clear intention and a positive attitude for the ongoing improvement of your life. Each month will have a different theme. Appropriate for beginner and continuing students. Register Online

About Fez

fez headshotFez Aswat has been teaching yoga and meditation in the Boston area since 2001. He regards his hatha yoga practice as both a natural extension of and a pathway back to his meditation practice which serves as the basis of his teaching. As a musician and a Cancer Survivor Fez regards yoga as an invaluable practice for the maintenance of his own well-being. He works closely with his primary teacher Tom Alden and has also studied extensively with Barbara Benagh, Patricia Walden, Arthur Kilmurray and Jin Sung

Connecting to Energy: Subtle Body Series with Karma Longtin

chakras_269112849_stdOften in yoga, we get wrapped up in the physical body, but the work we are doing is also to clear and balance the energetic body. Chakras are energetic centers in the subtle body that cannot be seen, but can be sensed. There are 7 chakras located along the pathway of the spine, each associated with a specific aspect of being human. The body remembers your life. Emotions and memories that we haven’t processed yet can sometimes become “stuck.” This results in imbalances and blockages affecting the flow of prana energy which can manifest physically, emotionally, behaviorally. Once we are consciously aware of where we may be blocked, we can focus on clearing that space and connecting to ourselves in a new way. This series will be a great introduction to the chakras and a way to explore what pieces of the past might be living in our bodies.

Fridays, 7:30-9:30pm, $25 pre-reg/$30 day of

September 30th – Root Chakra: Grounding & Clearing the Muladhara – Register Online
In Sanskrit, this space is referred to as the Muladhara or “root support.” Found at the base of the spine and continuing down to the legs and feet, it rules our connection to the Earth, the physical world and all that we need for survival. In this workshop we will explore the areas that carry our feelings about grounding, security, family, money, our jobs, and our home. Are you feeling ungrounded? Are you feeling stagnant? Muladhara may be speaking to you.

October 28th – Sacral Chakra: Connecting to Svadisthana – Register Online
Do you deny yourself pleasure or feel uncreative? Do you find yourself wanting to dominate or control your partner? The Sacral Chakra or Svadisthana is known as “one’s own place or base.” Housing everything within the pelvis, this is a watery, emotional space ruling sensuality, sexuality, creativity, intimacy, joy, gender, and parenting. Water flows, moves, and changes, and a healthy second chakra allows us to do so, too.

November 18th – Solar Plexus Chakra: Empowering the Manipura – Register Online
The Solar Plexus Chakra is known as the “lustrous gem,” maybe because it houses your self esteem, warrior energy and the power of transformation. This chakra is associated with physical and emotional digestion. When Manipura energy is deficient, we can feel insecure, unsupported and insignificant. When excessive, we are often selfish, egotistical and quick to anger. Finding the balance between strength and surrender here is the key to feeling cheerful, outgoing and empowered.

January 20th – Heart Chakra: Nourishing the Anahata –  Register Online
The Heart Chakra is the center of the chakra system located at the mid point between the Crown and the Root and drawing equally upon the grounding and opening of those two spaces. The front of our bodies is often associated with the future and the back body with the past. Look around and see how many people round their shoulders forward to protect their hearts, while creating tension in the upper back, or the back of their heart – the space that holds onto past hurt. In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called Anahata, which means “unstruck” or “unhurt.” Its name implies that deep beneath our feelings of brokenness and pain , wholeness, boundless love, and a wellspring of compassion reside. This is not a “heart opening” workshop. On the contrary, it is about soothing the Anahata.

February 24th – Throat Chakra: Opening to Vissudha – Register Online
Do you feel unheard? Do you talk incessantly in order to feel understood? The throat is the tiniest space along the energetic pathway for prana to flow. Because of this, there are often blockages housed in the throat manifesting as tension in the neck and gripping in the jaw. Visuddha translates as “purification,” and thus this chakra is how we express our inner truth. It rules communication, expression, and the ability to hear others. We will clear this space through asana, breathwork and chanting to connect to our own voices.

March 24th – Unleashing the Energy of the Third Eye – Register Online
Ajna is Sanskrit for “the perception center” and so our experience in this world is filtered through this chakra. In our culture, we are often overwhelmed with external input and over stimulation that can block our own inner wisdom. Through guided meditation, pranayama and blindfolded asana, we will work to let go of the habit of over thinking and allow our own intuition to arise.

April 28th – Crown Chakra: Opening to the Divine through Sahasrara – Register Online
The Crown Chakra is often referred to as the thousand-petaled lotus, a symbol of our potential for infinite expansive consciousness. It’s believed that the soul enters in through the crown at birth and leaves from the crown at death. It is our connection to humanity, spirituality and our highest self. This workshop will include asanas such as headstand (modifications will be offered), breathwork and yoga nidra. If you are feeling disconnected, this workshop will remind you that we all are different expressions of the same divine energy and forever connected to each other.

About Karma

karma headshotKarma was born in Florida to a family of hippies and named after the “karmic” link found in her parents’ astrological charts. After moving to Boston ten years ago, she turned to yoga as a way to heal her intense back and joint pain, discovering a solace that inspired her to become a teacher in 2002. Karma embraces many different styles of yoga including power, vinyasa, yin and restorative hatha. Her classes focus on the connection of body, mind and breath in order to tap into your prana flow and deepen your practice. She encourages everyone to find the practice that is right for them in order to realize their own path to self-discovery and personal transformation.