First Friday Queer Yoga with Jade Sylvan
First Fridays, 7:30-9pm, $16; $14 student rate

*this class is drop-in only. class cards and unlimited passes do not apply
All genders, all bodies, all skill levels are welcome to join this relaxing and invigorating Friday night series, hosted by queer artist, writer, and yoga teacher Jade Sylvan. Connect to your center, experience your body, and enjoy being you at this body-, mind-, and heart-positive practice. It’s the perfect way to begin your weekend and your month! Register Online

About Jade

JadeJade Sylvan (they/them) is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher who began teaching in 2012. Jade has studied extensively with Barbara Benagh, Fez Aswat, and Bo Forbes, focusing on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with the latter. In 2017 Jade completed a specialized training in Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga with Jillian Pransky. Jade came to yoga as a means to deal with depression and chronic pain and found a way of life that they are now thrilled to be able to share with others on their own paths. Jade sees yoga as a way to practice self-care and self-love in order to create a sound container so that the yogi may act out of love and compassion more consistently in the world. Jade is currently a Ministry Fellow at Harvard Divinity School, where they are studying to become an ordained pastor.

Connecting to Energy: Subtle Body Series with Karma Longtin
1 Friday per month October-April,
7:30-9:30pm, $25 advance/$30 day-of

Often in yoga, we get wrapped up in the physical body, but the work we are doing is also to clear and balance the energetic body. Chakras are energetic centers in the subtle body that cannot be seen, but can be sensed. There are 7 chakras located along the pathway of the spine, each associated with a specific aspect of being human. The body remembers your life. Emotions and memories that we haven’t processed yet can sometimes become “stuck.” This results in imbalances and blockages affecting the flow of prana energy which can manifest physically, emotionally, behaviorally. Once we are consciously aware of where we may be blocked, we can focus on clearing that space and connecting to ourselves in a new way. This series will be a great introduction to the chakras and a way to explore what pieces of the past might be living in our bodies.

2017/18 dates:


  • October 13th, Root Chakra: Grounding and Clearing the Muladhararegister online
  • November 10th, Sacral Chakra: Connecting to Svadisthanaregister online
  • December 8th, Solar Plexus Chakra: Empowering the Manipuraregister online
  • January 26th, Heart Chakra: Nourishing the Anahataregister online
  • February 9th, Throat Chakra: Opening to Visuddharegister online
  • March 23rd, Unleashing the Energy of the Third Eyeregister online
  • April 13th, Crown Chakra: Opening to the Divine through Sahasrararegister online

About Karma

KarmaKarma, contrary to popular belief, didn’t name herself. She was born in Florida to a family of hippies and named after the “karmic” link found in her parents’ astrological charts. After moving to Boston, she turned to yoga as a way to heal her intense back and joint pain, discovering a solace that inspired her to become a teacher in 2002. Karma embraces many different styles of yoga including vinyasa, slow flow, yin, and restorative – blending elements of each into her classes in order to create a balanced mix of stretch and strength, opening and grounding, effort and surrender. Her classes focus on watching our patterns, choosing the energy we carry, and cultivating a deep connection between body, mind, and breath in order to tap into your prana flow and deepen your practice. She is equal parts chakra-astrology-crazy-woowoo and down-to-earth anatomy geek. She encourages everyone to find the practice that is right for them in order to realize their own path to self-discovery and personal transformation.