Nicoline Valkenberg

3Q3A0595For Nicoline, Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of finding steadiness within impermanence- and by doing so on the mat, she has found that we can learn to ride the waves of life with more composure and grace- and enjoy the ride!

Nicoline’s classes blend dynamic movement with steady technique. She infuses both energetic alignment and specific anatomical cues into functional movement within and between related poses to help increase body awareness in a way that helps students to find their center- in their poses and within themselves.

Nicoline received her initial training certification through Kripalu Yoga Center under Yoganand Michael Carroll in 2005. She has since completed continuing education trainings in Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea and draws greatly from years of studying with local master teacher, Barbara Benagh. Nicoline is the owner of Samara Yoga, where she is very pleased to be cultivating a dedicated yoga space with some of her best friends and favorite teachers right in her home community of Somerville, MA.

Andrea Fotopoulos

Andrea Fotopoulos is a Boston based “Anusara Inspired” yoga teacher. Inspired by the complexities of the teachings of yoga and the wildness of living an embodied life, she often weaves story, theme or wise anecdote to personalize the practice on the mat. Her classes are focused on aligned movement, born from a desire to serve each student: from beginner, seasoned, working with injury or working with limitation. Andrea is dedicated to making yoga accessible for “everybody” by making the difficult doable and the doable difficult. With a mix of no nonsense direction and some good ol’ humor, she cultivates a space for each individual student to do their work, while also creating a strong sense of community to practice within.
Andrea’s teaching style and personal home practice have been shaped by the Anusara yoga methodology, studies of Tantric philosophy and a continuing education with her teachers . Her own yoga practice began over 23 years ago; 13 years of which she has been teaching. Andrea draws her immediate inspiration from her skilled teachers: Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, Noah Maze, Douglas Brooks and all of their teachers and their teachers’ teachers. May their wisdom shine a light for all of us.

Rachel Barringer

YOGA-rbarringer-33Known for her challenging yet creatively playful yoga classes, Rachel Barringer strives to help her students feel empowered through alignment-based movement. In her own practice, Rachel focuses on building core strength and balanced flexibility, leading to a more rich and fulfilling experience of life off the mat. She takes particular interest in breaking down seemingly impossible poses into smaller components, making them accessible to her students.

She has been teaching in the Boston area since 2008, and she continues to find her practice and teaching to be an outlet for her ever-expanding curiosity of movement and kinesthetic awareness. Some of her most influential yoga teachers are Ana Forrest, Georgia Reath, Todd Skoglund, and David Vendetti.

A classically-trained cellist, Rachel was drawn to yoga as a way to relieve performance anxiety while she was a music major in college. Immediately she began experiencing the multitude of other benefits and realized that yoga was forever going to be a part of her life.

Rachel also performs as cello soloist Lady Ray, and has accompanied various notable yoga instructors including Shiva Rea, Sianna Sherman, and Sanskrit scholar Christopher Tompkins.

Chandra Cantor

Chandra CantorChandra has had a lifelong relationship with movement. She was introduced to yoga by her parents and took classes on and off through her teens. In 1998 she received a BFA in Dance from Emerson and the same year won Dance Magazine’s Outstanding Student Performer of the Year award. Chandra began teaching yoga in 1996 and has completed numerous teacher trainings, workshops and advanced learning courses with world renowned teachers. Her teaching style is strongly influenced by the White Lotus Flow Series, Eric Shiffmann, Astanga Yoga and a mindful melding of many other styles and teachers. You can learn more about Chandra at

Rob Phillips

Rob Phillips teaches yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness, simplicity, and precision. His active-style classes strongly focus on the use of breath, and draw from both the finesse of alignment-based methods and the fluid transitions of vinyasa flow. When teaching in a Yin style, Rob’s classes offer instruction inspired by classical buddhist meditation, combined with deep relaxation and release.

Over the past seven years of practice, Rob has had the privilege of studying with some of Boston’s best teachers, including a 200-hour training with Natasha Rizopoulos, a certification in Yin Yoga with Joshua Summers, and several years of Mysore-style Ashtanga with Kate O’Donnel. In addition, he practices Vipassana(Insight) Meditation daily with instruction from Beth Resnick-Folk, as well as regular long retreats with some of the nations top teachers at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA.

Outside of his work in yoga, Rob spends much of his time devoted to the performance and production of music; so it is perhaps with some irony that he is now drawn primarily towards practices with a strong emphasis on silence.


Kate Heffernan

kate H janusirsasanaKate is a Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga Teacher in Boston area and has been teaching since 2010. She is known for her ability to weave together intelligent and well-crafted sequences built around a specific theme. In Kate’s classes, you can expect precise instructions to create dynamic postures that will work together to not only bring more strength and suppleness to the body, but also to bring the body, mind, and spirit into the present moment. This specificity not only creates a challenging physical practice, it also offers each student a profound opportunity to practice skillfulness in action. Kate encourages her students to make choices based on their given circumstances, whether that means finding their edge of effort or taking an extra long Savasana. This mindfulness is the essence of the practice of Yoga, one that serves us all whether we are on the mat or off.

Kate graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Theatre Education and Acting. She completed her 200 Hour Training with YogaWorks and her 500 Hour Training with Down Under School of Yoga. She is honored to have the opportunity to train with some of the most senior and renowned Yoga Teachers in America including Natasha Rizopoulos, Barbara Benagh and Judith Hanson Lasater.

Shira Brenner

shiraAfter almost two decades of struggling with obesity and a dangerously unhealthy lifestyle, Shira discovered the freedom of movement in yoga and dance– and it changed her life in profound ways. It took finding a positive outlet for navigating life challenges for her to connect to her creative side, find self-acceptance (flaws and all), blossom into a self-proclaimed “movement junkie,” and, thus, finally begin to experience her own joy. Shira left her job as a travelling ELL teacher in 2012 to pursue her passion to teach movement. Shira lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps her love for mind-body connection. When she’s not teaching Zumba or Vinyasa yoga classes in the Boston area, she’s performing as a Hip Hop dancer, busting a move as a professional party motivator (can’t you see it??), hula hooping, or snuggling with her cats in bed.

She credits her ability to create thoughtful and challenging sequences to her phenomenal teachers, Mimi Loureiro, Elliott McEldowney, David Vendetti, Jaqui Bonwell, Rolf Gates, and so many other yogis in the Boston area. For Shira, yoga is just another form of dance, where you move to the rhythm of your breath and dance with your truest self. Her classes are full of energy, playfulness, and fun, and will leave you feeling balanced, sweaty, and strong.


Kristina Clemons

Kristina forward foldKristina has always felt a deep connection with moving her body. It provided a form of self expression and exploration whether the modality was climbing trees, classical ballet, or yoga. She stepped into her first yoga class in New York City, and after several months discovered something was brewing below the surface. That curiosity is what kept her coming back for more and why she became a teacher. Kristina began teaching in NYC in 2010 after finishing her first training with Kate Greer. In 2013 she completed a 300hr training with Nikki Costello (Iyengar teacher in NYC), and Kripalu’s Foundations of Ayurveda program. Her most recent training has been the Threes Physiyoga method ( bringing the healing and neutrality of physical therapy into asana practice. In class, it’s entirely possible Kristina may nerd out on anatomy, spontaneously smile just because… or simply share her love of connecting to the moment through the body. For more about Kristina, visit

Danielle Speakman

danielle headshotDanielle Speakman has loved yoga since she took her first class back in 2000. Yoga has been a sustaining daily practice, and helps her feel more alive in body and in spirit. Bessel van der Kolk, a well-known psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma once said, “You can only be as alive as your body is alive”. Danielle agrees that without the ability to feel and heal in the body, there are only limited ways to experience the world, as our body is the only vessel we have to know the world, others, ourselves. Danielle hopes that her yoga instruction will further her student’s capacity to more deeply connect to the wisdom and beauty and healing power that is their body. She hopes that this body connection will bring them closer to soul and spirit. In addition to teaching yoga, Danielle is a psychologist in private practice, a psychology undergraduate professor at Lesley University, and a writer. In her psychology practice, she specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression. She also has special interest and training in the integration of spirituality into the therapeutic setting (inclusive of all religious/spiritual traditions) and she enjoys working with clients who are seeking after their own spiritual development and growth. Danielle completed her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training through Ame Wren’s Boston Yoga School and completed her yin yoga teacher training with Josh Summers. She has also studied with Ana Forrest, with Tias and Surya Little, as well as many, many other teachers who have made her yoga practice what it is today.

Jade Sylvan

jade headshotJade Sylvan is a 200 Hour Kripalu certified yoga teacher who began teaching in 2012. Jade has studied extensively with Barbara Benagh, Fez Aswat, and Bo Forbes, focusing on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with the latter. Jade came to yoga as a means to deal with depression and chronic pain and found a way of life that they are now thrilled to be able to share with others on their own paths. Jade sees yoga as a way to practice self-care and self-love in order to create a sound container so that the yogi may act out of love and compassion more consistently in the world.

Caity O’Hagan

caity bio photoI first encountered yoga while attending school for Nursing at Simmons College. I was instantly drawn to its ability to hold space and create stillness during such a hectic time in my life. Since then, my yoga practice has become my most loyal and compassionate friend, shining brightest during the darkest and craziest of times.

After earning my Bachelors Degree in Nursing and beginning work as a Cardiac Surgery ICU nurse, I was inspired to expand my passion and expertise beyond western medicine. A colleague introduced me to Reiki and I was blown away by its ability to enable the relaxation response in the human body. Fascinated by the practice, I later became certified as a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Reiki allows me to interact with my clients on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, creating a holistic practice of healing that comes full circle.

I took my love for Yoga to a new level in 2015 through completing an 200-hour training with the New School of Yogic Arts. Deeply influenced by my teachers and experiences as a nurse and yogi, I aim to bring a sense of energetic empowerment to my classes and clients as a registered yoga teacher. I have found that yoga, reiki, and meditation can come into and complement the places that Western medicine does not yet touch.

Roberto Lim

me oct2014 3I believe that each practice is an opportunity to: attune to our inner rhythm; heal; strengthen; and renew ourselves. I teach Prana Vinyasa yoga which is a yoga system created by my teacher Shiva Rea and draws upon the vast and deep traditions of Yoga such as Tantra, Ayurveda, and Bhakti, and upon the concepts for physical practice from Krishnamacharya and his students, BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. I have been studying and apprenticing with Shiva Rea since 2005 and a registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. I have: co-led Prana Vinyasa teacher trainings in Denmark and Nashville; taught workshops in domestically (MA, ME, NY, TN) and internationally (Denmark, England, Lebanon, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy); and co-led retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica. My teaching and practice is also influenced by Paul Muller-Ortega with whom I have completed his yearlong philosophy and meditation program called Entering the Heart of Shiva. I am a certified energy healer in the Modern Mystery School offering several different healing sessions. Outside of the yoga studio, I enjoy hiking with my wife and Australian cobberdog in the Middlesex Fells.