Welcome to Samara Yoga! We have various entry-points for new students:

New Visit Special

Try our New Visit Special – 2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $25, which is available to first-time students as a great way to sample as many classes as you can- to see which teachers, styles and levels of practice you connect with most. We offer a variety of classes that range from active to passive; with more alignment, to more movement; from a slower to a more dynamic pace. Finding the right fit and the right teacher is key and there is certainly a LOT of variety in the current yoga culture. Check out our Class Descriptions or Contact Us if you need help navigating what we offer and what your needs are.

Foundations Classes

If you are brand-new to yoga, we offer a couple of “Foundations” classes (Tuesdays @ 7:30pm & Saturdays @ 11am) on our regular weekly schedule.

Introduction to Yoga: Beginners Series Workshops

If you’re not up for jumping right into drop-in classes, we also regularly offer a weekend series workshop for beginners, entitled “Introduction to Yoga“. Beginners series workshops are structured in a 3 or 4 week format and are intended to lay the basic groundwork from which to comfortably step into drop-in classes.


What do I bring for class?
Wear clothes that you can move around comfortably in and don’t mind sweating in. We do have filtered water and small cups at the studio but you may want to bring a bottle to have during class. We do rent yoga mats for $1 but we recommend getting your own if you find that you want to practice regularly. We provide all other props needed for classes.

When should I arrive my first day?
We open doors 30 minutes before each class. On your first visit, arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time so that we can set up a profile for you and get you registered. Even if you registered and purchased payment online, we will have you fill out a waiver your first day.

Do I need to pre-register for classes?
We only do pre-registration for workshops (which include friday series, beginners series and individual weekend workshops). We don’t do pre-registration for our regular weekly classes. Classes are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. While some classes are busier than others, we rarely have to turn anyone away, so just show up when you want to take class (doors open 30 minutes ahead of each class). Some workshops do sell out, so we do recommend pre-registering for workshops.

Do you sell mats?
We occasionally sell mats, but don’t have extensive retail in-studio and don’t always have them in stock. We do rent mats for $1. Yoga mats can be purchased at Cambridge Naturals nearby in Porter Square (as well online or at many other retailers such as Target, TJMaxx, even Whole Foods!). Popular brands are Manduka, Jade, Giam. We don’t recommend using the soft, ultra thick pilates or exercise mats. Firmness and grip are what you’ll want to prioritize in a yoga mat (if you get a thick mat for padding, you’ll want it to be dense/firm).

Do you have mat storage?
We don’t have a lot of storage space, so we only offer limited mat storage for 1-Month, 3-Month or Yearly Unlimited Pass-holders (not to 2-week, 10 Class Pass holders or drop-in students).

What if I’m running late?
We leave doors open 10 minutes into class up to which point you can still join class- though if you arrive after class has started, we ask that you wait until after the opening meditation/OM portion of the class to enter the room so that you don’t disrupt the group or teacher in this quieting/centering moment. Once everyone opens their eyes and starts moving, you’re free to enter!

What if I have an injury, condition, or am pregnant?
Tell your teacher before class, so that they know to work with you and help you to modify as needed. If you’re not sure whether you should be practicing at all with your injury or condition, contact us before coming in so that we can let you know whether your injury or condition is something that can be worked around in the context of a regular class, or whether it would be best to work privately with a teacher. Even if your condition doesn’t limit you to only private classes, doing a private session or two can be a useful way to learn tools for how to work with your injury, condition or pregnancy in drop-in classes.