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Samara Yoga is a sunny 1,500 sq foot Yoga studio in the heart of the diverse and artistic community of Davis Square, Somerville. We provide a full schedule of classes that draw on our esteemed teachers array of backgrounds, trainings and many years of experience with mindful movement and contemplative practice.

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Winter Storm Class Schedule

Monday 1/26 & Tuesday 1/27

We are still holding classes this evening, Monday 1/26: 5:45pm Vinyasa with Nicoline & 7:30pm Vinyasa with Rachel. Due to the city-wide declared snow emergency and shut-down of the MBTA, we are CLOSED for classes tomorrow, Tuesday 1/27. Please continue to check our home page for any updates and our schedule page for news on resuming classes before heading over to us over the next couple of days, since it’s unclear what the effects of the storm will be and how long it will take the city to get back up and running.

Buddha Mind, Yoga Body, Inner Fire: Balance, Stability & Energy with Yoga & Meditation with Doug Baker

Saturday - January 31st - 1-4pm – $35

The sister traditions of yoga and meditation originate in the same part of the world and complement each other. To create physical strength and flexibility, self-regulation of the nervous system, steadiness in the mind, and high-energy living, we can draw from both traditions…Learn More

From Insight Out: Mindfulness Series Level 2 with Fez Aswat

Sundays – Feb 1-22 – 2-4pm – $70
This workshop is designed for students who have had beginning training in mindfulness or Insight meditation and would like to progress towards stabilizing their practice…Learn More

Alignment Clinic with Julia Novina

Fridays – Feb 6, March 6 & May 1 – 7:30-9:30pm – $25
Back by popular demand, the Alignment Clinic returns as a 3 part series: the first 2 re-address the upper body, this time, in two parts: hand balances (February 6), and backbends (March 6). The 3rd (on May 1) will address the lower body, with a focus on the lower back, hips and knees. Each clinic can be attended individuallyLearn More


Advanced Asana Practice: Arm Balances with Rachel Barringer

Friday – February 20th – 7:30-9:30pm – $25

Arm balances can be exciting, scary, fun, and playful all at the same time! In this workshop Rachel will help to demystify these challenging poses and break them into smaller parts in order to make them more accessible for you in your yoga practice…Learn More

Kula Rising: Intermediate/Advanced Group Practice with Andrea Fotopoulos

Saturdays: February 28, March 28 & April 25 – 1-4pm – $25
In the style of Anusara’s ™ Yoga’s “Eye of the Tiger Practice”, this 3 hour led Intermediate/Advanced practice is an opportunity for our Kula (community of teachers and students) to gather as friends and challenge ourselves among a network of support…Learn More

Taming Demons: Yoga & the Urban Nervous System with Doug Baker

Every 2nd Friday  – 7:30-9:15pm – $18/$15 student rate

This monthly class focuses on using yoga to manage mental health challenges such as anxiety, addiction, stress, depression and trauma. We will tap the deeper resources, beyond postures and alignment, to apply yoga to modern lifestyle challenges…Learn More

Upcoming Date: Friday, February 13th


Connecting to energy: The Subtle Body Series with Karma Longtin

Every 4th Friday – 7:30-9:30pm – $25 pre-registration/ $30 day-of

Often in yoga, we get wrapped up in the physical body, but the work we are doing is also to clear and balance the energetic body, too. Chakras are energetic centers in the subtle body that cannot be seen, but can be sensed…This series will be a great introduction to the chakras as well as a way to explore what pieces of the past might be living in our bodies…Learn More

*Up next: Throat Chakra: Opening to Visuddha – February 23rd