Welcome to Samara!

Samara Yoga is a sunny 1,500 sq foot Yoga studio in the heart of the diverse and artistic community of Davis Square, Somerville. We provide a full schedule of classes that draw on our esteemed teachers array of backgrounds, trainings and many years of experience with mindful movement and contemplative practice.

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Alignment Clinic: Lower Body with Julia Novina

Friday - May 1st - 7:30-9:30pm – $25
This clinic will teach alignment basics of the lower body to bring greater ease, stability and mobility to lower body poses (like seated and supine poses) and to the lower body joints themselves...Learn More


Intro To Yoga: 4 Week Beginners Series with Julia Novina

Saturdays – May 2, 9, 16, 30 - $70
The series will introduce the fundamentals of alignment, breathing and mindfulness in foundational yoga postures and will lay the basic groundwork for students to then step into our drop-in classes…Learn More

Everyday Yoga: Unlocking the Power of Storytelling with Jade Sylvan

Sunday – May 3rd – 2-4pm – $25

This workshop will focus specifically on the concept of myth and storytelling. We’ll look at stories we already tell about ourselves, and discuss what effects they may be having in our life and practice…Learn More

Taming Demons: Yoga & the Urban Nervous System with Doug Baker

Every 2nd Friday  – 7:30-9:15pm – $18/$15 student rate

This monthly class focuses on using yoga to manage mental health challenges such as anxiety, addiction, stress, depression and trauma. We will tap the deeper resources, beyond postures and alignment, to apply yoga to modern lifestyle challenges…Learn More

Upcoming Date: Friday, May 8th


Advanced Asana Practice: Inversions with Rachel Barringer

Friday – May 15th – 7:30-9:30pm – $25

Inversions are a wonderful way to take your yoga practice to a new level, and they force you (in a good way) to become fully present and in the moment…Learn More

From Insight Out: 4 Week Meditation Series with Fez Aswat

Sundays – May 31st-June 21st – 2-4pm – $70

Through seated meditation practice, discussion, and light postural yoga, the class will explore the relationship between our physical yoga practice and the mindfulness of a seated meditation practice…Learn More